Release ChecklistΒΆ

This page describes the process of releasing new versions of galaxy-lib.

This release checklist is based on the Pocoo Release Management Workflow.

This assumes ~/.pypirc file exists with the following fields (variations) are fine.

index-servers =


  • Review git status for missing files.

  • Verify the latest Travis CI builds pass.

  • make open-docs and review changelog.

  • Ensure the target release is set correctly in galaxy/ ( version will be a devN variant of target release).

  • make clean && make lint && make test

  • make release

    This process will push packages to test PyPI, allow review, publish to production PyPI, tag the git repository, push the tag upstream, and modify the Homebrew recipe. If changes are needed, such as manual changes to the homebrew recipe, this can be broken down into steps such as:

    • make release-local
    • make push-release
    • make release-brew