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"""Module of utilities for verifying test results."""

import difflib
import filecmp
import hashlib
import logging
import os
import re
import shutil
import tempfile

    import pysam
except ImportError:
    pysam = None

from galaxy.util.compression_utils import get_fileobj
from .asserts import verify_assertions
from .test_data import TestDataResolver

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)


[docs]def verify( item_label, output_content, attributes, filename=None, get_filename=None, keep_outputs_dir=None, verify_extra_files=None, ): """Verify the content of a test output using test definitions described by attributes. Throw an informative assertion error if any of these tests fail. """ if get_filename is None: get_filename = DEFAULT_TEST_DATA_RESOLVER.get_filename # Check assertions... assertions = attributes.get("assert_list", None) if attributes is not None and assertions is not None: try: verify_assertions(output_content, attributes["assert_list"]) except AssertionError as err: errmsg = '%s different than expected\n' % (item_label) errmsg += str(err) raise AssertionError(errmsg) # Verify checksum attributes... # works with older Galaxy style md5=<expected_sum> or cwltest # style checksum=<hash_type>$<hash>. expected_checksum_type = None expected_checksum = None if attributes is not None and attributes.get("md5", None) is not None: expected_checksum_type = "md5" expected_checksum = attributes.get("md5") elif attributes is not None and attributes.get("checksum", None) is not None: checksum_value = attributes.get("checksum", None) expected_checksum_type, expected_checksum = checksum_value.split("$", 1) if expected_checksum_type: try: _verify_checksum(output_content, expected_checksum_type, expected_checksum) except AssertionError as err: errmsg = '%s different than expected\n' % (item_label) errmsg += str(err) raise AssertionError(errmsg) if filename is not None: local_name = get_filename(filename) temp_name = make_temp_fname(fname=filename) with open(temp_name, 'wb') as f: f.write(output_content) # if the server's env has GALAXY_TEST_SAVE, save the output file to that dir if keep_outputs_dir: ofn = os.path.join(keep_outputs_dir, os.path.basename(local_name)) log.debug('keep_outputs_dir: %s, ofn: %s', keep_outputs_dir, ofn) try: shutil.copy(temp_name, ofn) except Exception as exc: error_log_msg = 'Could not save output file %s to %s: ' % (temp_name, ofn) error_log_msg += str(exc) log.error(error_log_msg, exc_info=True) else: log.debug('## GALAXY_TEST_SAVE=%s. saved %s' % (keep_outputs_dir, ofn)) try: if attributes is None: attributes = {} compare = attributes.get('compare', 'diff') if attributes.get('ftype', None) in ['bam', 'qname_sorted.bam', 'qname_input_sorted.bam', 'unsorted.bam']: local_fh, temp_name = _bam_to_sam(local_name, temp_name) local_name = if compare == 'diff': files_diff(local_name, temp_name, attributes=attributes) elif compare == 're_match': files_re_match(local_name, temp_name, attributes=attributes) elif compare == 're_match_multiline': files_re_match_multiline(local_name, temp_name, attributes=attributes) elif compare == 'sim_size': delta = attributes.get('delta', '100') s1 = len(output_content) s2 = os.path.getsize(local_name) if abs(s1 - s2) > int(delta): raise AssertionError('Files %s=%db but %s=%db - compare by size (delta=%s) failed' % (temp_name, s1, local_name, s2, delta)) elif compare == "contains": files_contains(local_name, temp_name, attributes=attributes) else: raise Exception('Unimplemented Compare type: %s' % compare) if verify_extra_files: extra_files = attributes.get('extra_files', None) if extra_files: verify_extra_files(extra_files) except AssertionError as err: errmsg = '%s different than expected, difference (using %s):\n' % (item_label, compare) errmsg += "( %s v. %s )\n" % (local_name, temp_name) errmsg += str(err) raise AssertionError(errmsg) finally: if 'GALAXY_TEST_NO_CLEANUP' not in os.environ: os.remove(temp_name)
[docs]def make_temp_fname(fname=None): """Safe temp name - preserve the file extension for tools that interpret it.""" suffix = os.path.split(fname)[-1] # ignore full path fd, temp_prefix = tempfile.mkstemp(prefix='tmp', suffix=suffix) return temp_prefix
def _bam_to_sam(local_name, temp_name): temp_local = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(suffix='.sam', prefix='local_bam_converted_to_sam_') fd, temp_temp = tempfile.mkstemp(suffix='.sam', prefix='history_bam_converted_to_sam_') os.close(fd) try: pysam.view('-h', '-o%s' %, local_name) except Exception as e: raise Exception("Converting local (test-data) BAM to SAM failed: %s" % e) try: pysam.view('-h', '-o%s' % temp_temp, temp_name) except Exception as e: raise Exception("Converting history BAM to SAM failed: %s" % e) os.remove(temp_name) return temp_local, temp_temp def _verify_checksum(data, checksum_type, expected_checksum_value): if checksum_type not in ["md5", "sha1", "sha256", "sha512"]: raise Exception("Unimplemented hash algorithm [%s] encountered." % checksum_type) h = h.update(data) actual_checksum_value = h.hexdigest() if expected_checksum_value != actual_checksum_value: template = "Output checksum [%s] does not match expected [%s] (using hash algorithm %s)." message = template % (actual_checksum_value, expected_checksum_value, checksum_type) raise AssertionError(message)
[docs]def files_diff(file1, file2, attributes=None): """Check the contents of 2 files for differences.""" def get_lines_diff(diff): count = 0 for line in diff: if (line.startswith('+') and not line.startswith('+++')) or (line.startswith('-') and not line.startswith('---')): count += 1 return count if not filecmp.cmp(file1, file2): if attributes is None: attributes = {} decompress = attributes.get("decompress", None) if decompress: # None means all compressed formats are allowed compressed_formats = None else: compressed_formats = [] is_pdf = False try: local_file = get_fileobj(file1, 'U', compressed_formats=compressed_formats).readlines() history_data = get_fileobj(file2, 'U', compressed_formats=compressed_formats).readlines() except UnicodeDecodeError: if file1.endswith('.pdf') or file2.endswith('.pdf'): is_pdf = True local_file = open(file1, 'rb').readlines() history_data = open(file2, 'rb').readlines() else: raise AssertionError("Binary data detected, not displaying diff") if attributes.get('sort', False): local_file.sort() history_data.sort() allowed_diff_count = int(attributes.get('lines_diff', 0)) diff = list(difflib.unified_diff(local_file, history_data, "local_file", "history_data")) diff_lines = get_lines_diff(diff) if diff_lines > allowed_diff_count: if 'GALAXY_TEST_RAW_DIFF' in os.environ: diff_slice = diff else: if len(diff) < 60: diff_slice = diff[0:40] else: diff_slice = diff[:25] + ["********\n", "*SNIP *\n", "********\n"] + diff[-25:] # FIXME: This pdf stuff is rather special cased and has not been updated to consider lines_diff # due to unknown desired behavior when used in conjunction with a non-zero lines_diff # PDF forgiveness can probably be handled better by not special casing by __extension__ here # and instead using lines_diff or a regular expression matching # or by creating and using a specialized pdf comparison function if is_pdf: # PDF files contain creation dates, modification dates, ids and descriptions that change with each # new file, so we need to handle these differences. As long as the rest of the PDF file does # not differ we're ok. valid_diff_strs = ['description', 'createdate', 'creationdate', 'moddate', 'id', 'producer', 'creator'] valid_diff = False invalid_diff_lines = 0 for line in diff_slice: # Make sure to lower case strings before checking. line = line.lower() # Diff lines will always start with a + or - character, but handle special cases: '--- local_file \n', '+++ history_data \n' if (line.startswith('+') or line.startswith('-')) and line.find('local_file') < 0 and line.find('history_data') < 0: for vdf in valid_diff_strs: if line.find(vdf) < 0: valid_diff = False else: valid_diff = True # Stop checking as soon as we know we have a valid difference break if not valid_diff: invalid_diff_lines += 1'## files diff on %s and %s lines_diff=%d, found diff = %d, found pdf invalid diff = %d' % (file1, file2, allowed_diff_count, diff_lines, invalid_diff_lines)) if invalid_diff_lines > allowed_diff_count: # Print out diff_slice so we can see what failed"###### diff_slice ######") raise AssertionError("".join(diff_slice)) else:'## files diff on %s and %s lines_diff=%d, found diff = %d' % (file1, file2, allowed_diff_count, diff_lines)) raise AssertionError("".join(diff_slice))
[docs]def files_re_match(file1, file2, attributes=None): """Check the contents of 2 files for differences using re.match.""" local_file = open(file1, 'U').readlines() # regex file history_data = open(file2, 'U').readlines() assert len(local_file) == len(history_data), 'Data File and Regular Expression File contain a different number of lines (%s != %s)\nHistory Data (first 40 lines):\n%s' % (len(local_file), len(history_data), ''.join(history_data[:40])) if attributes is None: attributes = {} if attributes.get('sort', False): history_data.sort() lines_diff = int(attributes.get('lines_diff', 0)) line_diff_count = 0 diffs = [] for i in range(len(history_data)): if not re.match(local_file[i].rstrip('\r\n'), history_data[i].rstrip('\r\n')): line_diff_count += 1 diffs.append('Regular Expression: %s\nData file : %s' % (local_file[i].rstrip('\r\n'), history_data[i].rstrip('\r\n'))) if line_diff_count > lines_diff: raise AssertionError("Regular expression did not match data file (allowed variants=%i):\n%s" % (lines_diff, "".join(diffs)))
[docs]def files_re_match_multiline(file1, file2, attributes=None): """Check the contents of 2 files for differences using re.match in multiline mode.""" local_file = open(file1, 'U').read() # regex file if attributes is None: attributes = {} if attributes.get('sort', False): history_data = open(file2, 'U').readlines() history_data.sort() history_data = ''.join(history_data) else: history_data = open(file2, 'U').read() # lines_diff not applicable to multiline matching assert re.match(local_file, history_data, re.MULTILINE), "Multiline Regular expression did not match data file"
[docs]def files_contains(file1, file2, attributes=None): """Check the contents of file2 for substrings found in file1, on a per-line basis.""" local_file = open(file1, 'U').readlines() # regex file # TODO: allow forcing ordering of contains history_data = open(file2, 'U').read() lines_diff = int(attributes.get('lines_diff', 0)) line_diff_count = 0 while local_file: contains = local_file.pop(0).rstrip('\n\r') if contains not in history_data: line_diff_count += 1 if line_diff_count > lines_diff: raise AssertionError("Failed to find '%s' in history data. (lines_diff=%i):\n" % (contains, lines_diff))